Which iPhone is the best seller in the first half of the year?

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Which iPhone is the best seller in the first half of the year? 3
Which iPhone is the best seller in the first half of the year? 3

Statistics at FPT Shop show that iPhone 13 Pro Max has continuously been the best-selling smartphone in the system for many months.

At Mobile World, there are no iPhone models in the top 10 best-selling smartphones in the first half of the year.

Similar results were also recorded at CellphoneS, with the leading sales belonging to the iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 GB version.

Unboxing iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Although there is no general market consensus, some retailers confirm that the 13 Pro Max is the best-selling iPhone in the past half year, while the iPhone 11 only jumped in the second quarter of 2022 after a price reduction.

`Even though it is the product with the greatest value, the sales volume of the 13 Pro Max still overwhelms other Apple products. Next is the iPhone 11, after this product was discounted and became the most valuable iPhone model.

In fact, since its launch, the most advanced iPhone version has also been the most popular product among Vietnamese people.

The model that competes most strongly in sales with the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the iPhone 11. The product belongs to the high-end segment, with a price of about 15 million VND at the beginning of the year and has continuously reduced its price to 10.5 million VND today.

Among Apple’s authorized retail systems in Vietnam, at Hoang Ha Mobile alone, iPhone 13 Pro Max ranked second, accounting for 12% of total phones sold across the system in six months, less than 1%.

Retail systems evaluating the 13 Pro Max will likely continue to increase sales thanks to the strong price reduction at the end of June.

`The psychology of Vietnamese users is to choose to buy the most high-end models. In addition, dealers continuously reduce prices and run incentive programs, so 13 Pro Max always accounts for a large proportion in the sales list,` Mr. Nguyen

Mr. Nguyen Lac Huy also commented that, after the new discount program, iPhone 13 Pro Max `will definitely maintain the highest position before new products are launched`.

iPhone 13 Pro Max was launched last September, with a starting price of 35 million VND.

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