When should we screen for gastrointestinal cancer?

When should we screen for gastrointestinal cancer? 2
When should we screen for gastrointestinal cancer? 2

According to Globocan statistics in 2020, the incidence of stomach cancer is 9.8% and colorectal cancer is 9% out of a total of 182,563 cancer cases in Vietnam.

Doctor Do Minh Hung, Director of the Center for Endoscopy and Gastrointestinal Surgery, Tam Anh General Hospital, said that screening aims to find and detect digestive cancer early before

A minimally invasive surgery to treat digestive cancer performed by Dr. Do Minh Hung and his team.

Dr. Hung added that while in developed countries are familiar with the concept of periodic screening, in Vietnam, most people only go to the hospital when they are sick.

`The center has examined quite a few cases. They only went to the doctor when they had bloody stools or had abdominal pain for a long time with no clear cause. After the doctor conducted tests to confirm the diagnosis, they

Early cancer screening increases treatment possibilities

According to Dr. Hung, gastrointestinal cancer screening is done using a one-step or two-step method, in which endoscopy is a one-step method that can help detect and remove polyps before they develop into malignant or

Dr. Hung said, screening for digestive cancer using endoscopy is the only method that can both detect and treat polyps (cut or biopsy) at the same time.

When should we screen for gastrointestinal cancer?

Doctor performs colonoscopy on patient to screen for cancer.

The recommended age for subjects in the average risk group to start screening for esophageal, stomach, and colorectal cancer is currently 40-45 years old.

After the first screening, the doctor will base on the results along with personal and family medical history to advise on when to have the next screening.

Digestive cancer often progresses silently and is difficult to detect, so you should not wait until symptoms appear to go to the hospital.

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