What happens to the 1/5,000 planning map of Thu Thiem Urban Area?

What happens to the 1/5,000 planning map of Thu Thiem Urban Area? 0
What happens to the 1/5,000 planning map of Thu Thiem Urban Area? 0

Statements about whether or not there is a Thu Thiem urban planning map

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Information about the lost 1/5,000 planning map of Thu Thiem Urban Area (DTTT) has just been officially announced by Ho Chi Minh City.

This map is also the main key in the lawsuit filed by hundreds of Thu Thiem households over the past decades.

What happens to the 1/5,000 planning map of Thu Thiem Urban Area?

Map of land use planning in 2011, part of the project to adjust the local zoning plan at a scale of 1/2,000 of Thu Thiem urban area.

Map 1/5,000 Does the Urban Area exist or does it not exist?

Speaking at a press conference on Ho Chi Minh City’s economy and society on May 2, Chief of Office of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Vo Van Hoan affirmed that the map `has not been found in the records, not non-existent`, ministries and branches.

`In the procedure to submit to the Government, there must be all the required documents in order to be approved… The city is instructing to trace the evidence, it is said that photocopies and photocopies have been found, not the originals.

Regarding this issue, Director of the Department of Planning and Architecture Nguyen Thanh Nha said that the city has directed departments to review each source and previous consulting units but could not find the 1/5,000 map.

The Department is the place that manages the city’s planning data, but since then we have never seen this map.

There is no original map of Thu Thiem planning

Disagreeing with Ho Chi Minh City’s viewpoint, Mr. Nguyen Hong Diep (Director, Head of the Central People’s Reception Committee – Government Inspectorate) said that if the 1/5,000 map is `lost` in the city, it will be at the agencies.

Therefore, according to Mr. Diep, Ho Chi Minh City should answer frankly the people complaining that `there is no original map` and satisfactorily resolve their interests and rights.

In principle, when submitting a project for land acquisition or clearance… there must be an original map to have a basis for implementation.

The lost 1/5,000 map is no longer legally valid

What happens to the 1/5,000 planning map of Thu Thiem Urban Area?

Deputy Minister of Construction talked about the planning map of Thu Thiem urban area

Controversy about the map continued to `heat` at the Government press conference on the afternoon of May 4.

Regarding the process, planning is implemented in two steps: general planning (1/5,000 map) and detailed planning (1/2,000 map).

All maps have a legal basis since 2005, such as general planning maps, details, boundary determination are currently fully maintained, project implementation and land acquisition are based on these maps.

`The lost map is the general planning map approved in 1996, which was legally replaced by the 2005 general planning,` Mr. Hung said.

What happens to the 1/5,000 planning map of Thu Thiem Urban Area?

The map is said to be a 1/5,000 urban planning area.

Thu Thiem people received a 1/5,000 map

As one of hundreds of people complaining about Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Le Van Lung (house No. 9 Tran Nao, Quarter 1, District 2, has been demolished) is holding a color map of the Urban Area planning at a scale of 1/5,000.

Mr. Lung said this is the city map submitted to the Prime Minister when proposing approval of the Urban Area planning.

Located on the East bank of the Saigon River, opposite District 1, Thu Thiem Urban Area has a total area of 657 hectares and is planned to be the modern and expanded center of Ho Chi Minh City.

In a document sent to the Prime Minister in 2015, Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee said the total investment capital for compensation, site clearance and resettlement, technical infrastructure investment, and loan interest payment is more than 29,000 billion VND.

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