VFF President: ‘Violators will be further dealt with’

VFF President: 'Violators will be further dealt with' 0
VFF President: 'Violators will be further dealt with' 0

VFF President Nguyen Trong Hy wants to handle the individuals involved in the Xuan Thanh Saigon point deduction case.

VFF President Nguyen Trong Hy said that in the meeting of the Steering Committee of professional football tournaments with VFF, VPF, and the tournament Organizing Committee, the participating members all strongly agreed that strong measures are needed to stabilize the tournament.

This meeting also dissected the responsibilities of a number of departments and individuals in the incident involving the Xuan Thanh Saigon team.

VFF President Nguyen Trong Hy said: `Just wait, the matter has not stopped yet.

The VFF President expressed his hope that public opinion will support the strong decision of the VFF Disciplinary Committee for the overall development of Vietnamese football.

Mr. Hy did not comment on the severity of the penalty given by the VFF Disciplinary Committee, because he believed that the Disciplinary Committee was completely independent when making this decision.

Mr. Hy expressed his hope: `I hope that, after the penalty of the Disciplinary Committee against Xuan Thanh Saigon Club, if football managers are fully aware, they will immediately have to work more seriously.

Regarding the decision to deduct points from Xuan Thanh Saigon team, V-League Organizing Committee Head Tran Duy Ly said: `This is a sensitive matter so I personally have no opinion.

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