Venice is watching tourists’ every move

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Venice is watching tourists' every move 3
Venice is watching tourists' every move 3

The city tracks every movement of visitors, whenever they move.

The place to monitor visitors is a modern control tower on Tronchetto Island, located next to a more than 3.2 km long bridge connecting the city to the mainland.

The building has offices for the mayor and other officials, and a smart control room that is like a `screen bank` with live images from every area.

Where Venice police can observe every movement of tourists, know where they come from, where they are and the number of people in any place at any time.

Marco Bettini, director of Venis – a multimedia technology company that builds systems following tourists’ footsteps, said that the control room is the brain of the city.

Also through this tracking tool, authorities discovered a large number of daytime pedestrians.

Venice is watching tourists' every move

Pedestrian numbers are of greater concern to authorities when considering travel patterns.

The system not only counts the number of visitors via cameras, but also combines with TIM (Telecom Italia, the country’s largest telecommunications provider) to determine who they are and where they come from.

This tracking data shows that Venice currently has 36% of visitors coming from Germany, followed by Switzerland with 16% and the British with 13%.

Venice is watching tourists' every move

The system can also analyze personal information such as the nationality of foreign tourists, the city where Italian guests live… based on where the mobile phone is registered.

This tracking system was built in 3 years, at a cost of 3.5 million USD.

Venice was once called La Serenissima or The Most Serene.

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