Unexpected ending for the girl who just wanted to die

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Unexpected ending for the girl who just wanted to die 1
Unexpected ending for the girl who just wanted to die 1

Five years ago, Marsha Jean, from Hong Kong, had such a dark time that she decided to buy a one-way ticket to Australia.

Jean was 18 years old at the time and described herself as a lanky girl who always thought about suicide.

`I had a distorted view of the world due to my parents and society. I realized that I could work in the service industry, or any job that was safe enough and then travel,` said Jean, now 23 years old.

Before leaving home, Jean thought people like herself without a college degree could only live homeless.

Jean in a photo in Pakistan.

Jean just left Berlin, Germany a few weeks ago, traveling by train to Frankfurt.

Currently, Jean is living on a farm of a couple in their 60s.

At the age of 19, Jean traveled alone from Iran to France, passing through Iraq by hitchhiking along the way.

Jean has also visited Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and northern Pakistan.

`The trips were long, six months in Pakistan, seven weeks in Afghanistan, 10 months in Australia,` Jean shared.

In 2018, Jean spent 19 days hiking in Afghanistan, using a donkey to carry her luggage.

Jean believes in the philosophy of slow travel as a way to see the world.

In the first two years, Jean spent nearly 12,000 USD.

Jean was in Iran at the age of 19.

Jean believes that many people have a wrong view of the world, viewing some places as dangerous and scary.

Jean said she hopes she will become an inspiration for Asian women to pick up their backpacks and go.

For her, traveling is a non-religious pilgrimage.

Anh Minh (According to SCMP)

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