Unbelievable things in North Korea

Unbelievable things in North Korea 5
Unbelievable things in North Korea 5

Mar Pages is a tourist from Spain.

Visitors are not allowed to use won

Countries often prioritize tourists using their own currency for expenses, but North Korea is not like that.

Many small establishments make alcohol and beer

Soju is a famous drink and appears at every meeting in both North and South Korea.

Inside a bar in North Korea.

Visitors can take photos

Tourists are warned that when coming to North Korea, photography is restricted.

Many cell phones but no internet

Many North Koreans use cell phones.

You can only come from two countries to North Korea

Tourists entering North Korea can only come from Russia or China.

Friendly soldiers

North Korea has one million soldiers and 800,000 reservists, constituting the fourth largest military force in the world.

Unbelievable things in North Korea

North Korean soldiers also have friendly smiles and are willing to chat with tourists.

Departure visa

North Korea and Israel are two countries that do not put their country’s stamp on visitors’ passports, but instead use a separate piece of paper.

Luxury cars on the street

Mar Pages and her tour group exited the hotel in the evening when they encountered a new Mercedes Benz SUV.

Separate time zone

Since August 15, North Korea has its own time zone named the capital Pyongyang (Pyongyang Time), 30 minutes slower than Japan’s time, GMT+08:30.

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