Treating lung cancer with targeted, immunotherapy

Treating lung cancer with targeted, immunotherapy 5
Treating lung cancer with targeted, immunotherapy 5

During a checkup for sebum in the middle of last year, Mr. Ngo Van Duy (Duong Kinh, Hai Phong) accidentally discovered he had lung cancer, the tumor was quite large in size, 4×5 cm.

Stimulates the immune system to attack tumors

Faced with Mr. Duy’s complex `tumor on tumor` disease, Dr. Vu Huu Khiem – Head of the Oncology Department, performed immunological and genetic tests… hoping to find the optimal treatment method.

After 4 cycles of drug infusion (infusion once every 3 weeks, for 12 weeks), the patient’s right lung apex tumor was only fibrous, the tumor on the brain completely disappeared, and there were no signs of brain edema.

According to Dr. Khiem, Mr. Duy is one of the patients who was diagnosed and treated stably thanks to immunotherapy.

The patient was treated at the Oncology Department, Tam Anh General Hospital, Hanoi.

To be treated with immunotherapy, the doctor will take the patient’s tumor tissue through biopsy or after surgery for testing and research.

If appropriate, immunotherapy drugs will be administered intravenously to help the patient’s immune system recognize cancer cells as `intruders` and destroy them.

Relying on genes to individualize treatment

Along with immunotherapy, targeted therapy is also used to target specific molecular targets to prevent the growth, invasion, and metastasis of cancer cells.

Treating lung cancer with targeted, immunotherapy

Doctor Khiem looked at the images of the tumor to come up with a treatment plan for the patient.

Dr. Khiem further shared that with the advancement of molecular biology, many advances in immune markers of the lungs, breasts, liver and many genes have been discovered by scientists.

Genetic tests can be done by taking tissue or blood samples from the tumor for review.

`Currently, most patients undergo immunological testing and genetic testing. Today’s cancer diagnosis is not only limited to the type of cancer, stage, type of cancer cells, but also the diagnosis of cancer.

* The character name was changed.

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