‘Traffic jams are caused by people getting richer and buying more cars’

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'Traffic jams are caused by people getting richer and buying more cars' 14
'Traffic jams are caused by people getting richer and buying more cars' 14

In my opinion, private car traffic should be limited during rush hour for the following reasons:

The problem of traffic jams has only occurred in recent years.

Four-seat or seven-seat personal cars take up 4-5 times more road space than motorbikes, but when I stop at a red light, I observe and often see that there is only one driver on the car (perhaps not carrying people).

Car drivers criticize motorbike drivers for having poor traffic awareness, but essentially car drivers are also motorbike drivers so their awareness is also poor.

When there is no more room on the road for motorbikes to run, motorbikes drive to the shoulder.

Cars are subject to special consumption tax and are restricted due to small roads.

Because the roads in the central areas of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are often small and have many intersections, small buses may be given priority.

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Design benches along the length of the bus (similar to benches on trains abroad).

In the central area, vehicles shaped like large buses (tourist buses, inter-provincial passenger buses…) should be limited.

There needs to be a parking lot outside the central area for these vehicles to stop and wait, transferring passengers from small cars to large cars and vice versa.

For roads in the central area, it is necessary to divide traffic lanes in the direction of removing/reducing mixed lanes.

Two-wheel vehicle lanes need to be wide enough so that when cars park close to the curb, there is still room for motorbikes to run without violating the car lane.

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