Tourists’ misconceptions about Africa

Tourists' misconceptions about Africa 1
Tourists' misconceptions about Africa 1

Africa is the most misunderstood place in the world for tourists.

The enchanting wild life in Africa attracts many tourists who love to explore.

Africa has a lot of crime and is very dangerous

Sensational information about carjacking in Johannesburg (South Africa), theft in Nairobi (Kenya) and piracy off the coast of Somalia are the first impressions of many people when thinking of Africa.

But the murder rate in Africa has halved since the 1990s and, according to the United Nations, Africa is now less dangerous than Central and South America.

In addition, the overly serious recommendations of foreign governments also cause many tourists to have a wrong view of the crime situation here.

Shanny Hill, marketing manager of a company specializing in organizing cycling tours across Africa, said: `Over the past 14 years, most tourists have responded that their perception of Africa is not the same as reality. People

The epidemic raged in Africa

Ebola has been controlled on the continent and the epidemic is limited to a few West African countries such as Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone.

Regarding HIV/AIDS, the number of people infected with the disease is decreasing and the number of people being treated is increasing rapidly.

The cost of exploring wild nature is very expensive

There are all types of exploration to suit many budgets.

You cannot ask for cheap prices for luxury eco-lodges built in remote, wild areas.

African hotels are not up to Western standards

The famous travel magazine Travel+Leisure published a list of the world’s best hotels, including 20 African hotels.

Tourists' misconceptions about Africa

Serena Hotel in Uganda.

Hotels and restaurants in Africa have their own standards.

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