The victims on the Indonesian plane crashed

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The victims on the Indonesian plane crashed 4
The victims on the Indonesian plane crashed 4

`Goodbye family. We are on our way home,` Ratih Windania, a 4-month pregnant woman, posted the last post on Instagram before boarding flight SJ 182 of Sriwijaya Airlines on January 9.

Windania accompanied the article with a photo of herself and her two smiling children on a plane carrying 50 passengers and 12 crew members.

Her brother, Irfansyah Riyanto, said the family felt `helpless` and `could only wait, hoping to hear more information soon`.

`I was the one who took my parents and children to the airport, helped check in the plane and sent luggage… I still can’t believe it, this happened so fast,` Irfansyah said.

Ratih Windania, a 4-month pregnant mother with two small children on flight SJ 182 on January 9.

Indonesian authorities recovered many pieces of the plane and human body parts in the sea north of the capital the next day.

Among the 50 passengers on the plane was Angga Fernanda Afrion, 29 years old, a sailor.

Angga works on a large cargo ship.

`If he’s gone, what I want is to bring him home and bury him properly,` Mrs. Afrida said, holding a photo of her son in a sailor uniform in her arms.

Also on the plane were newlyweds Ihsan Adhlan Hakim and Putri Wahyuni.

The victims on the Indonesian plane crashed

Wedding photo of Ihsan Adhlan Hakim and Putri Wahyuni.

The couple encountered the accident while on their journey to Kalimantan to hold a wedding party for Ihsan’s extended family living in Pontianak.

Ms. Yusrilanita fainted when she heard that the flight carrying her daughter Indah Halima Putri, son-in-law Muhammad Rizky Wahyudi and her grandson fell into the sea.

Before the plane took off, Indah sent a photo of the plane’s wing to her family, saying it was raining heavily and asking her family to pray for her and her husband and children.

Captain Afwan, 54 years old, who was in control of the plane when it crashed, was a former military pilot, before switching to civil aviation in 1987. Family and colleagues said he was a

`He was a very kind person, often giving wise advice. He was very famous in the town, everyone knew he was a kind person,` said Ferza Mahardhika, Afwan’s nephew.

The victims on the Indonesian plane crashed

Captain Afwan of the plane that crashed.

On the morning of January 9, when leaving home to go to the airport, Afwan looked in a hurry and complained that `his shirt had not been ironed yet, while usually he is always neat,` his nephew Mahardhika said.

Indonesian authorities are focusing all efforts to search for victims and plane wreckage in the waters between Lancang and Laki islands, off the northern coast of Jakarta.

`We have deployed 51 staff at the station to collect samples along with victim identification team staff,` said Yani Permana, senior assistant police commissioner.

Currently, officials have not made any comments on the cause of the accident.

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