The place that inspired Japan’s scariest ghost stories

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The place that inspired Japan's scariest ghost stories 2
The place that inspired Japan's scariest ghost stories 2

Located in the bustling and famous Shinjuku area, Oiwa Inari Shrine (also known as Oiwa Inari Tamiya Jinja) is one of the places that attracts a lot of attention from tourists and natives alike.

The shrine was formerly the home of a woman named Oiwa.

Oiwa Shrine – the starting place for the fears of faint-hearted tourists when coming to Japan.

This story inspired screenwriter Tsuruya Namboku IV to write Yotsuya Kaidan – Japan’s most famous ghost story, about love, betrayal and revenge.

Today, the story has been made into plays and movies many times by the Japanese.

One of the most chilling scenes of this story that haunts many visitors is the image of Oiwa, when she was still alive, combing her hair in front of the mirror and her hair gradually falling out due to the effects of the poison her husband used.

However, when visiting the temple today, besides the ghost story about the unfortunate woman Oiwa, visitors will also hear another truth.

More information:

August is the month of Obon, a Buddhist festival and an occasion for the living to pray for the souls of their ancestors.

Temple address: 17, Samon-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

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Anh Minh (according to Kanko-shinjuku)

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