The photo depicts the Covid-19 tragedy in India

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The photo depicts the Covid-19 tragedy in India 2
The photo depicts the Covid-19 tragedy in India 2

In the photo, Ms. Chandrakala Singh sits motionless in an electric rickshaw on a busy road in Varanasi city, Uttar Pradesh state.

The heartbreaking scene is an example of the tragic situation of the Indian people trapped in the middle of a pandemic and a health system on the brink of collapse.

Mrs. Chandrakala Singh sat next to her son’s body on April 19.

On the morning of April 19, Mrs. Singh and her son went to the hospital at Banaras Hindu University (BHU).

However, when mother and daughter arrived at the hospital, they received notice that the doctor was away.

`They said my child had Covid-19. They asked us to leave there. My poor son was gasping for air. I asked for oxygen and an ambulance. But I received nothing,`

The miserable mother put her son on an electric rickshaw and moved to a nearby private hospital, but only received a shake of the head.

The photo of Mrs. Singh and her child was published by local newspaper Dainik Jagran and then spread widely in India.

`If Vineet had been hospitalized, given oxygen and treated for kidney disease, my nephew could have been saved. He died because of negligence and irresponsibility. This type of irresponsibility will cause many more tragic deaths.`

Similar harrowing scenes are happening across India, with crowds and long lines of ambulances waiting outside already overwhelmed hospitals.

Flooding Indian social networks in recent days have been pleas for oxygen tanks, ambulances, intensive care beds and treatment drugs.

The photo depicts the Covid-19 tragedy in India

Relatives wearing protective gear attended the cremation ceremony of a man who died of Covid-19 in New Delhi, India on April 21.

BHU Hospital is the premier medical facility for nearly 25 million people living in 40 districts of eastern Uttar Pradesh.

`We have a severe shortage of manpower and everyone has been mobilized. Every day, we are saving lives. However, all the patients being treated are emergencies.`

The Indian Ministry of Health on April 22 said the country recorded 314,835 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours, higher than any country since the pandemic broke out, bringing the total number of infections to 15.9 million.

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