The hunt for medical oxygen by two Indian brothers

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The hunt for medical oxygen by two Indian brothers 8
The hunt for medical oxygen by two Indian brothers 8

When Niranjan Saha, 54, started having difficulty breathing last week, his wife, Usha Devi, immediately suspected her husband had Covid-19.

Realizing that the epidemic situation was getting worse and there was a shortage of medical supplies in many places, she told her two sons: `Do anything to find me an oxygen tank. It’s okay to sell my gold.

In India, amid a serious outbreak of Covid-19, families begged for support, and fires from funeral pyres burned day and night.

The government says the country has enough liquid oxygen to meet medical needs, pledging to quickly expand supply.

Families took to social media to ask for help as hospital supplies ran out.

A few days after discovering his symptoms, Mr. Saha tested positive for nCoV.

However, his sons Anikat, 21, and Mukul, 19, began the hunt for medical oxygen.

The two brothers traveled across New Delhi by motorbike, stopping at many hospitals to ask for beds and oxygen.

People wait at an oxygen filling station in New Delhi, April 23.

Mr. Saha’s condition worsened, his fever skyrocketed.

On the evening of April 25, four days after Saha tested positive, his two sons stopped in front of an oxygen filling station in south New Delhi.

`60,000,` the man said.

Some New Delhi residents said they had to pay at least 10 times the price to buy oxygen.

“When hundreds of people die from something as basic as medical oxygen, it is a huge failure of management,” said Asim Ali, an academic at the Center for Policy Research, a think tank in New Delhi.

The two brothers Anikat and Mukul talked with their mother before accepting the strange man’s offer.

At home, they could not put Mr. Saha on a ventilator right away.

The whole family hurriedly called a car to the hospital and was informed that there was still a bed available.

Mr. Saha died before being admitted to the hospital.

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