The girl begged not to record a video when she was gang-jeered

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The girl begged not to record a video when she was gang-jeered 5
The girl begged not to record a video when she was gang-jeered 5

On July 27, a nearly 3-minute video spread on social networks recording the scene of a girl being gang-raped in a karaoke bar in Xuan Mai Town (Chuong My, Hanoi).

In the video, a young girl wearing a light-colored shirt is repeatedly slapped, punched and kicked by a woman claiming to be the wife of a man with a rival.

The girl did not kneel, the man in a black shirt, standing next to her, immediately slapped the victim’s face many times, then ordered: `Kneel down! Don’t make me angry.`

Seeing a few people in the karaoke room using their phones to record the incident, the girl begged: `You told me to go out on the street and kneel down to beg, but don’t record a clip and post it online.`

A young man rushed down the stairs, punching and kicking  the girl, until many people intervened.

A young girl was gang-beaten in a karaoke bar.

The video is currently being shared a lot on social networks, making the community angry.

`If you can’t keep someone, you have to keep yourself. Dress beautifully and seductively, sign the divorce papers and leave. Why make yourself miserable, why bother fighting jealousy?` Facebooker Lan Anh shared.

And Facebooker Le Hong said: `Of course it’s sad when your husband cheats, but being jealous in those ways is very bad. Especially, it’s not advisable for parents to drag their children into these noisy things.`

`In my opinion, the only person who benefits from jealousy is the girlfriend. Jealousy is not smart, you only make yourself look bad in the eyes of your husband and family. Sometimes the husband even thinks `That’s terrible, I’ll leave her.`

Besides, many comments condemned the girl, who was accused of stealing another person’s husband.

Recently, there have been a series of violent jealousy incidents that have shaken social networks.

Immediately after that, the two leaders of this jealousy group, Vu Thi Van Anh and Hoang Thi Anh (both in Ha Dong, Hanoi), were arrested by the police and brought in for investigation.

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Tran Hung compiled

The girl begged not to record a video when she was gang-jeered

‘The whole village came together to fight and riot’ causing a storm in the community

The crowd stood and watched the girl being stripped and jealous in the middle of Hanoi

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