The disease is a man but speaks in a female voice

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The disease is a man but speaks in a female voice 3
The disease is a man but speaks in a female voice 3

An adult man, possessing a masculine appearance after puberty but his high voice remains unchanged compared to his childhood.

According to My Health (an online medical unit under the Malaysian Ministry of Health), this is a pubertal voice disorder that often affects men.

Adult men with women’s voices often attract the attention of many people.

Men speaking in a female voice can cause communication problems.

Causes of voice disorders during puberty

Voice is the result of vibrations of the vocal cords.

A child’s voice characteristics will change along with physical changes during puberty.

The table below shows the differences in voice characteristics of the two sexes.

Voice characteristics and vocal cords




Long and thick

Short and thin


120 Hz

210 Hz

Voice recognition

The sound is loud and rough

The sound is gentle and pleasant

In men with voice disorders, the vocal cords may have undergone changes during puberty but the frequency of the voice remains high despite the changes that have occurred to the vocal cord structure.

For an accurate examination, men need to be examined by an otolaryngologist and evaluated to see if there are any abnormalities in the structure of the vocal cords.

Voice therapy can help patients understand the function of the vocal cords, evaluate the pitch of their voice, determine the pitch they want to achieve after therapy, and monitor changes.

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