The community is upset about Xuan Thanh Saigon leaving the V-League

The community is upset about Xuan Thanh Saigon leaving the V-League 7
The community is upset about Xuan Thanh Saigon leaving the V-League 7

On the morning of August 19, the VFF Disciplinary Committee announced the decision to deduct 4 points from Xuan Thanh Saigon Club, due to violating the club’s responsibilities when participating in the tournament, as stipulated in Clause 1, Article 37.

Frustrated by the deduction of 4 points by the Disciplinary Committee (VFF), Bau Thuy of Xuan Thanh Saigon decided to quit the V-League.

Unprofessional behavior

Not only Xuan Thanh Saigon Cement, the situation of demanding to give up the award has continuously occurred.

Spectator Do Duong Tung said: `Incidents like this only make Vietnamese football go down.

Sharing the same opinion, reader Xuan Ngoc commented: `I think the V-League is not a market where anyone who wants to get in can go in, and anyone who wants out can get out.

“Even though I am from Saigon, I very much support this decision of the VFF disciplinary committee.

Many Facebookers are upset about Xuan Thanh Saigon Cement giving up the award and VFF’s behavior.

`Every law has loopholes. If we keep taking advantage of loopholes to demand evidence day and night, when will integrity come? Lack of integrity will not be tolerated in any sport, let alone

Facebooker Bolero was upset: `Relegation of VFF is the right thing to do.

However, from another perspective, many people expressed an attitude of defending Xuan Thanh Saigon Cement.

A deduction of 4 points is unreasonable

Many readers do not agree with the actions of the VFF Disciplinary Committee, and think that without providing evidence and hastily concluding that deducting points from Xuan Thanh Saigon is unreasonable, deducting 4 points at this time is no different.

“It was right to give up because of the Organizing Committee’s unprofessional way of working, not providing evidence and hastily concluding that it was not possible.

`The guys at the Organizing Committee are doing a strange job. Without evidence, they deduct points from people for not playing proactively. If that were the case, then every team would have their points deducted` – reader Binh Phat

As for reader Nguyen Vuong, he said: `Disciplining a person must also have specific and convincing evidence.

Song Lam Nghe An disillusioned with the championship?

The club that received the `bitter fruit` was obviously Song Lam Nghe An, when this club received the most deduction, 6 points (Song Lam Nghe An beat Xuan Thanh Cement Saigon both away and home).

Although Song Lam Nghe An’s points deduction was according to international law, this incident made the Song Lam Nghe An fan community extremely angry.

Audience Thai Khac Quy inhibited: `The 2 victories against Xuan Thanh Saigon are the extremely difficult efforts of a poor team.

Not only upset about Xuan Thanh Saigon’s unprofessional behavior, Song Lam Nghe An fans also believe that Xuan Thanh Saigon `cheated` Song Lam Nghe An fans.

Facebooker Kelly Lee explained: `If they intended to quit the tournament, why didn’t they announce their withdrawal before the match against Song Lam Nghe An, but right after a few hours after losing to Song Lam Nghe An, they announced to the press: `

Facebooker Anh Tuan was sad: `So VPF will refund the accommodation and training costs to the clubs that kicked them out.

`Not asking for complete fairness, but it must be fair at an acceptable level, the race is fierce, how can we say Song Lam Nghe An is deducted 6 points, T&T is deducted 4 points. Song Lam Nghe An

Besides, there are also many people who believe that Song Lam Nghe An’s point deduction is not `unfair` because it is in accordance with FIFA rules.

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