The busiest festivals in May

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The busiest festivals in May 5
The busiest festivals in May 5

Or join the crowd of people excitedly participating in the festival from all continents from Asia, Europe to America below.

Cheung Chau Dumpling Festival, Hong Kong

Time: From May 3 to 7

Cheung Chau Island is bursting with exciting events to celebrate Buddha’s Birthday on May 6.

At midnight, men on the island will race to climb bamboo poles covered with dumplings and win lucky cakes.

Climbing the dumpling tower at midnight.

Cinco de Mayo Festival, USA

Time: May 5

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s national day as many people mistakenly think.

Impressive festival with folk dances, mariachi music and many typical Mexican dishes.

The busiest festivals in May

Flamengo dance during the Cinco de Mayo festival.

La Feria de Abril Festival, Spain

Time: From May 5 to 10

La Feria de Abril (April Festival) is the main festival in Seville, usually held in April (14 days after Holy Week).

One of the most famous fairs in Spain is held on May 5.

The busiest festivals in May

April Festival parade.

Thrissur Pooram elephant procession festival, India

Time: May 9

The festival started in 1789 to pay tribute to Lord Shiva at the main Kerala temple of Thrissur.

The busiest festivals in May

Thousands of spectators eagerly watched the herd of elephants marching.

Candle racing festival, Italy

Time: May 15

The festival is a giant candle procession in Gubbio, Italy as a way of remembering Saint Ubaldo for local people.

The busiest festivals in May

The stream of people eagerly pushed the candles to the finish line.

Buddha’s Birthday, Indonesia

Time: May 15

Waisak Ceremony (as the Indodesians call it) is an occasion to celebrate Buddha’s birthday.

The busiest festivals in May

Borobudur Temple.

Cheese rolling festival, UK

Time: May 25

The cheese rolling race is held every year on the last Monday of May, in the hill town of Cooper, Gloucestershire, England.

Whoever rolls down the 90m long slope first will be the winner.

The contestants roll along the cheese wheel.

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