The American entertainment capital ‘froze’ because of Covid-19

The American entertainment capital 'froze' because of Covid-19 2
The American entertainment capital 'froze' because of Covid-19 2

The decision to close casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada is a heavy blow to all tourists, players and service workers in the `entertainment paradise` of America.

The Las Vegas Strip has become a symbol of this city, always bustling with people going in and out of casinos, large hotel complexes, restaurants from affordable to luxury, music, comedy and circus performances.

A corner of the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas city, Nevada, USA.

With the US government announcing measures to strengthen Covid-19 response, including a ban on events with 10 people or more, MGM Resorts in Las Vegas announced the temporary suspension of operations until further notice.

`This is clearly a public health crisis that requires united action if we want to slow it down,` MGM Resorts International Chairman declared.

Videos posted on social networks earlier this week showed that casinos, which were bustling day and night, were suddenly unusually empty.

Wynn Resorts, a large hotel group in Las Vegas, also announced a temporary suspension of operations from March 17, while Sands and Caesars said they would open on a limited basis.

In addition to stopping operations of casinos, which bring in huge revenue, Las Vegas was also forced to cancel major events organized by the host city.

The American entertainment capital 'froze' because of Covid-19

Las Vegas streets on March 16.

In a letter to MGM Resorts employees, President Murren said full-time employees will be paid after two weeks of leave, calculated from their last day of work, and will be paid until June.

`We regret the stress this may cause our families and employees and will do all we can to minimize it,` the letter said.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper reported that Caesars Entertainment, the company that owns several famous casinos in the city, has decided to lay off employees.

Marie Rhodes, a casino employee in Las Vegas, announced on Instagram that she was laid off `until further notice.`

Mai Lam (According to AFP)

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