Taiwan cancels billion-dollar rocket ship project

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Taiwan cancels billion-dollar rocket ship project 3
Taiwan cancels billion-dollar rocket ship project 3

In a statement on October 9, Taiwan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force said that the project proposed by former Chief of Staff, Admiral Li Ximing, was canceled because the design of the missile ship did not meet the needs of non-combat operations.

`Missile test launches completed in 2020 showed that due to its small size, the ship’s stability is affected by weather and rough seas, affecting the accuracy of missile launches. This is the reason

`To avoid wasting defense investment funds, the maritime self-defense force reported to the legislature and ended the project with the consent of Taiwan’s defense agency,` the statement said.

Prototype of Taiwan’s 80-ton catamaran rocket ship.

Taiwan’s legislature initially supported the project to build a micro-rocket ship in 2018, but required a review of the prototype before approving the budget to build all 60 ships as planned.

These ships have a maximum speed of nearly 65 km/h and are equipped with two Hung Phong II missiles.

Taiwan’s project to build small missile boats was stopped after former Admiral Li Ximing left office, allegedly due to disagreements between senior defense officials and the island’s plan to buy 100 defense complexes.

The $2.4 billion deal was approved by former US President Donald Trump in October 2020, including 400 Harpoon missiles launched from mobile platforms on the ground.

Taiwan cancels billion-dollar rocket ship project

Taiwan Island and the Strait of the same name.

Despite losing at least 7 million USD when canceling the project, Taiwan’s maritime defense said that the results of research and development of small missile boats will be applied to future ship manufacturing projects and will not

Taiwan’s defense agency is ordering the production of a series of Da Giang-class catamarans to enhance asymmetric combat capabilities.

Taiwan is strengthening its defense capabilities amid rising cross-Strait tensions.

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