Start recruiting people to test Covivac vaccine

Start recruiting people to test Covivac vaccine 7
Start recruiting people to test Covivac vaccine 7

Covivac is Vietnam’s second Covid-19 vaccine approved for clinical trials, developed by the Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals (IVAC).

More than 10 students from Hanoi Medical University, on the morning of January 22, registered to participate in the Covivac trial.

`Side effects of vaccines are usually mild and not dangerous, so I do not feel worried. Besides, I am a medical worker so the risk of infection is high. If I participate in the trial, I will be able to

And Duong, 19 years old, a second-year medical student, felt disappointed because he was sick with the flu and might not be eligible to participate in the trial.

`From the perspective of a medical student, I find participating in clinical trials very important to contribute to the development of disease prevention vaccines,` Duong said.

Mr. Trinh Minh Quang, employee of the Center for Clinical Pharmacology, Hanoi Medical University, consultant on the morning of January 21, said that the people participating in the consultation in the morning were mainly students and young people.

`Vaccines are very important in disease prevention, so I wholeheartedly advise volunteers to understand the issues in order to research and deploy them as quickly as possible and be successful as soon as possible. I hope to recruit more volunteers.`

Those who registered for the Covivac vaccine clinical trial on the morning of January 21 at Hanoi Medical University were guided by a consultant (white shirt).

It is expected that the Covivac phase one clinical trial will be conducted on 120 healthy volunteers, aged 18-59.

Female volunteers must agree to use effective contraception for at least 28 days after receiving the second dose.

Volunteers were divided into 5 injection groups including doses of 1 mcg, 2 mcg, 10 mcg, 1 mcg of vaccine mixed with adjuvants, and a placebo injection group of sterile saline solution.

Phase one will be conducted at Hanoi Medical University to test the safety of the vaccine and find the optimal dose.

Mr. Nguyen Ngo Quang, Deputy Director of the Department of Science, Technology and Training, Ministry of Health, highly appreciated and thanked the volunteers and students who registered to participate in the clinical trial.

Covivac is prepared from embryonated chicken egg technology.

Vietnam’s first Covid-19 vaccine, Nanocovax, has completed half of phase one of human testing.


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