Southeast Asian press is impressed with VinFast President

Southeast Asian press is impressed with VinFast President 2
Southeast Asian press is impressed with VinFast President 2

After launching to Vietnamese customers earlier this month, VinFast President attracted the press in a number of countries in the region.

Hops newspaper did not hesitate to praise this model: `The SUV named President of manufacturer VinFast has a strong design but exudes a luxury that other SUV designs do not have. It can be said that, except for

VinFast President in Hanoi.

VinFast President is specially focused on luxurious details by the manufacturer, from the interior equipped with nappa leather and carbon fiber to create a luxurious and sporty style for passengers and driver.

`Positioned as a high-class SUV, VinFast President is equipped with a powerful V8 engine with a capacity of 6.2 liters, producing 445 horsepower. It is no surprise that this large body car is capable of

`The car model is equipped with a powerful engine, aggressive design, modern technology and very limited production quantity, surely VinFast President will attract the attention of rich people in some countries, as well as the desire to

Meanwhile, Carscoop newspaper praised VinFast’s strategy, asserting: `VinFast wants the world to take them seriously by autonomously producing the VinFast President model.`

Previously, in August last year, VinFast car models appeared heavily in the Malaysian press, especially within the framework of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s visit to Vietnam.

On the occasion of the appearance of VinFast President, some other newspapers looked back at the `thorny` path of national car manufacturers in Indonesia and Malaysia.

According to Katadata, Indonesia used to have businesses capable of realizing national auto branding but never appeared on the market.

Southeast Asian press is impressed with VinFast President

The VinFast President car model is displayed in the lobby of the tallest building in Vietnam – Landmark 81.

Not only Indonesia, in Malaysia, Proton car company carries with it pride and a national industrial symbol.

Proton’s total sales were 70,000 units, accounting for 45% or 2/3 of the Malaysian market in the first year and began exporting to developed countries.

Mr. Peter Mumford, a political consultant in charge of Southeast Asia, said: `Finding a foreign partner for Proton is a reasonable solution for a company that is not operating effectively. It was once a national symbol.

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