Soba noodle delivery experts in Japan

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Soba noodle delivery experts in Japan 1
Soba noodle delivery experts in Japan 1

In the mid-20th century, visitors to the Japanese capital were no strangers to the image of a noodle delivery man driving a bicycle with one hand and supporting a towering stack of bowls on his shoulder with the other.

A soba noodle delivery worker in Japan was photographed in Tokyo in the middle years of the 20th century. Photo: Amusing Planet

Demae is said to have originated in the middle of the Edo period, in the 1700s. Customers of this service are often wealthy people and feudal lords.

Over time, demae developed into a more popular practice in all walks of life: from office workers to students… One of the most popular dishes, most ordered for delivery, is

Noodle delivery work is considered dangerous, requiring experience and professional skills of the delivery person.

Soba noodle delivery experts in Japan

Balancing 1.5 meter high stacks of bowls containing noodles on your shoulders is not easy.

In an article published on Reuters in 1961 about traffic laws in Japan at that time, officials from the Traffic Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department said that riding a bicycle while carrying soba noodles on your shoulder was illegal.

And during that period, these soba noodle delivery people were often ignored by the police when appearing on the streets.

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