Sad stories at the South – North Korea border

Sad stories at the South - North Korea border 3
Sad stories at the South - North Korea border 3

Nowadays, when coming to Korea, tourists often visit a place called Imjingak, besides other famous names such as Seoul, Jeju or Nami Island.

Imjingak is just a small park, located on the banks of the Imjin River in Paju city, with many statues and memorials to the North and South Korean war.

The reason why Imjingak attracts many tourists is because it was built to comfort the people of South and North Korea, who cannot return home to visit friends, relatives, and family because of the division of the two regions.

Bridge of Freedom.

A famous place in Imjingak that anyone visiting wants to visit is Tu Do Bridge.

Sad stories at the South - North Korea border

When visiting the peace bridge, visitors can also sign a list expressing their wish for North and South Korea to reunify.

One of the best known stories is about a certain man (unnamed).

When he was worried about his children growing up, he immediately called them back and said: I used to have a wife and children in my hometown.

He thought that he could no longer live happily, when his wife and children living far away still lived miserably.

Also among the 100 lucky people selected among the tens of thousands of people who registered to attend the separated family meeting, Mr. Lee Bok Yeon, 73 years old, met his 70-year-old wife and 2 sons.

Imjingak is located in the DMZ demilitarized zone, a strip of land running across the Korean peninsula, located at the 38th parallel, 248 km long and 4 km wide, dividing the North and South.

Today in Korea, this place has become a tourist area.

The Korean War occurred in 1950, leading to the division between the North and South.

According to the Washington Post, hundreds of thousands of Koreans have applied through the Red Cross to reunite with relatives in the North since the reunion program began in 1988. The majority of applicants are over 70.

Today, coming to the DMZ, visitors can visit Camp Greaves – the place chosen to make the Descendants of the Sun film set.

According to the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in Vietnam, the best time to visit Korea is in spring, autumn and winter.

There are currently many airlines flying directly from Vietnam to Korea such as Asiana Airlines.

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