Pathology of sexual addiction

Pathology of sexual addiction 0
Pathology of sexual addiction 0


According to doctor Le Dao Nghia (Mai Huong Day Psychiatric Hospital, Hanoi), sexual addiction is an increasingly common disease, but for delicate reasons, addicts rarely admit that they are sick.

One of the oldest and most powerful instincts is the sexual instinct.

In the past, people considered sex addiction to be just a pseudo-disease, occurring in some famous people and rarely mentioned because it was considered a taboo topic.

People with sex addiction come from many walks of life, such as lawyers, surgeons, artists, athletes, etc., but the media often reports on scandals related to the characters.

The explosion of information media such as the Internet, mobile phones, e-books… makes forms of sexual addiction more diverse and contagious.

Common symptoms include being constantly obsessed with sex, having crazy impulses of sexual desire even though they know the consequences in advance… They can forcefully attack others sexually.

Addicts often have the common mentality that after having sex, they feel anxious and regretful, so they are susceptible to depression, and then when they experience anxiety or stress, they run away by performing sexual acts to `reduce anxiety.`

Currently, the United States and some European countries have established a number of sex addiction treatment centers that bring together psychologists, psychiatrists, sexologists, etc. Treatment is first to let the patient speak up about their own problems.

If the patient is depressed, they can use antidepressants and anxiolytics.

And we need to understand that sex addiction is like drug addiction, so we must be persistent and the possibility of relapse is natural.

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