Paris plans to ‘rescue’ romantic bridges

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Paris plans to 'rescue' romantic bridges 2
Paris plans to 'rescue' romantic bridges 2

For many tourists and couples, the locks hanging on the bridge are a symbol of immortal love, but for some people, it only creates confusion in their eyes.

The idea of contributing to creating love bridges in Paris started when couples brought padlocks to the bridge and then threw the keys into the river with the belief that their love would last forever.

A young couple hugged and kissed on the Pont Des Arts bridge of love when there were few locks left – Photo: Huffingtonpost

The two works that are being directly affected are Pont des Arts and Pont de l’Archevêché.

“We can barely control” (the installation of locks), said campaign co-organizer Lisa Anselmo.

Many other people who heard about this campaign were very angry and the organizers received many letters of complaint, but Mr. Jean-Pierre Lecoq, head of district 6, supported this idea.

Paris plans to 'rescue' romantic bridges

The Pont Des Arts bridge looked very empty in 2015 – Photo: Alamy/smh

According to Anselmo, this is not simply a matter of aesthetics: “It’s not just us two Americans standing around and saying to ourselves it’s not beautiful.

Information on the city government’s official website says they are aware of this positive idea and are trying to convince tourists to send `electronic love locks – e-love locks` instead of locks.

The problem of locks is actually not only facing Paris.

Paris plans to 'rescue' romantic bridges

The Pont de l’Archeveche bridge is in a state where there is almost no space left to hang the lock –  Photo: DM

We also need to look a bit at the actions of tourists.

Adam Driver, who had a lock left in Paris, also agreed: `The bridge in Paris near Notre Dame Cathedral is covered with locks of all colors, sizes and shapes.

But for two activists Anselmo and Huff, the No Love Locks campaign wants to send a message to those who truly love Paris: `We respect and understand that your actions have a symbolic meaning, but we should love

And you, will you try to leave a lock with the person you love or sympathize with No Love Locks and will Paris still be romantic without the opportunity to attach a lock on the bridge of love?

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