‘Pain and fatigue like heavy labor’ after Covid-19 vaccination

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'Pain and fatigue like heavy labor' after Covid-19 vaccination 8
'Pain and fatigue like heavy labor' after Covid-19 vaccination 8

The doctor (who does not want to be named) administered the vaccine in the morning, and after being observed for 30 minutes at the injection site, returned to the department to work.

`By evening, the diarrhea was gone. The symptoms were not too serious. I thought it was due to a problem with the lunch food,` the doctor said.

Like most other colleagues, he had a mild fever and drowsiness, `like flu symptoms`, for the first 24 hours, which did not affect his work.

He feels happy to be one of the first people to receive the Covid-19 vaccine in Vietnam.

`The important thing is that I have faith so I’m still very confident in getting vaccinated,` the doctor said.

Without diarrhea like the doctor above, a female nurse, 35 years old, felt a slight headache and fever of 38.5 degrees, about 9 hours after injection.

As the person who had the first fever reaction among the vaccination cases in the same batch, she stayed under observation at the emergency department, where there are full facilities and a team of experts to handle if an adverse reaction occurs.

After taking a dose of fever-reducing medicine, her fever gradually decreased.

Medical staff at Ho Chi Minh City Tropical Diseases Hospital check AstraZeneca vaccine vials before starting vaccination on March 8.

Compared to the reaction when injecting other types of vaccines, a 40-year-old female doctor said that `the Covid-19 vaccine feels like it takes longer to dissolve in the muscles and is more painful.`

Meanwhile, a doctor who has participated in treating Covid-19 patients said he did not notice any unusual symptoms after receiving the vaccine.

Vietnam currently has 117,500 doses of Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccine to serve the National Expanded Immunization Program.

According to the National Expanded Immunization Program, by March 20, more than 32,000 people had been vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccine.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the Hospital for Tropical Diseases was the first unit to vaccinate Covid-19, receiving 900 doses, starting to vaccinate on March 8.

In addition, Military Hospital 175 also vaccinated 64 doctors and nurses at Level 2 Field Hospital No. 3 on the morning of March 16, before these people departed to participate in UN peacekeeping in South Vietnam.

The Ho Chi Minh City Center for Disease Control received 8,000 doses of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine on March 10.

The National Expanded Program on Immunization records cases of post-vaccination reactions, most of which are common reactions, which indicate that the body is creating immunity after vaccination to prevent disease.

The Ministry of Health recommends that people continue to strictly comply with 5K requirements, especially wearing masks, not gathering in large groups and strictly following epidemic prevention instructions at offices, agencies, factories and enterprises.

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