Nvidia CEO’s secret to success

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Nvidia CEO's secret to success 4
Nvidia CEO's secret to success 4

In a conversation with Stanford University students (USA) last week, when asked about how to maximize their ability to succeed, Nvidia chip company CEO Jensen Huang said: `Greatness does not come from intelligence, but

As co-founder and CEO of Nvidia for more than 30 years, Huang understands what can create success.

For Huang, there is only one virtue that helps people have a higher chance of success.

`One of my advantages is having very low expectations. People with high expectations often have a low ability to overcome difficulties, because they are not used to, or are not prepared for, failure,` he said.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang at an event in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA).

Huang said this virtue is the key to success.

Before Huang, many studies have shown that people with the ability to accept and rise will have more strength and confidence to solve challenges.

In the early days of establishing the company, Huang experienced many difficulties.

This experience helped Huang `read the market and customers better,` he told Fortune in 2001. The company then abandoned old technologies and bet on new chips that are now the golden egg for the company.

`At work, I often use the phrase ‘pain and suffering’, but in a cheerful spirit. This is a good thing, if you want to have good employees,` he said.

Low expectations can help you prepare for unpredictable future challenges.

In an October 2023 event, Huang said that a company leader must always think about how close he or she is to failure.

In 2011, he also told Stanford University students that always thinking about failure will help create `the ability to accept failure`.

`If you don’t know how to accept failure, you will never experiment and have no creativity. If you are not creative, you will not be successful,` he explained.

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