Nike – Adidas great battle in the World Cup final

Nike - Adidas great battle in the World Cup final 2
Nike - Adidas great battle in the World Cup final 2

The biggest football tournament on the planet has long been an advertising dream for sports apparel companies.

Both Nike and Adidas are very tight-lipped about advertising costs for the World Cups.

Two players wore Adidas and Nike shoes at this year’s World Cup.

Thanks to the national team’s victory at the tournament in Brazil, Adidas – the German sportswear company – had a surge in revenue, selling about 2 billion euros.

Adidas has been an official sponsor and partner of FIFA since 1970. Most of the money is spent on providing match balls, referee uniforms and stadium advertising.

This year, 12 out of 32 teams wore Adidas uniforms, including Germany with sponsorship costs of up to 56.7 million USD.

Andreas Inderst – retail analyst at Macquarie said that the real goal of a brand is coverage and sponsorship.

When the British team advanced in this year’s World Cup, Nike shirt sales in the UK also skyrocketed.

However, Adidas is still the largest football brand in the world, with 29% of the global market share.

As for soccer shoes, players have the right to choose their own brand.

“Children and teenagers always like to wear the same shoes as the star of the tournament, or the player who scored the most important goal in the final,” Inderst said.

Nike is also the choice of Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) and Edinson Cavani (Uruguay).

However, even when companies spend millions of dollars on advertising, social networks are still king.

Nielsen’s World Football Report reports that players like Ronaldo, Neymar and Messi can be more powerful advertising channels than traditional TV and print newspapers.

“Their personal brand is probably even more famous than the sponsor.

Some analysts concluded that although Adidas was the official sponsor of the World Cup, the fact that Nike sponsored both teams and several key players in the final showed they were the victors.

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