Nearly 1,200 Hanoi people bought Minh Chay products

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Nearly 1,200 Hanoi people bought Minh Chay products 4
Nearly 1,200 Hanoi people bought Minh Chay products 4

According to the customer list provided by Loi Lifestyle Co., Ltd. – the unit that produces Minh Chay pate – from July 1 to August 28, 1,187 people in Hanoi bought the product.

The authorities contacted reportedly bought 850 bottles of Minh Chay pate, 43 bottles of Heri mushroom floss, and 88 bottles of special eight treasure sesame salt.

Two patients with poisoning are currently being treated at the Poison Control Center, Bach Mai Hospital, diagnosed with botulinum poisoning after eating Minh Chay pate.

In addition, 24 other people after eating Minh Chay pate about 1-3 days appeared some symptoms such as headache, tired limbs, stomach pain, dizziness, numbness in the legs and arms.

The bottle of Minh Chay pate was contaminated with botulinum toxin.

Hanoi Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Fishery Quality Management continues to urge Loi Lifestyle Company to provide a full list of customers who have purchased the company’s products to the Department of Food Safety, Ministry of Health.

Hanoi Food Safety and Hygiene Department continues to investigate and guide people with abnormal health conditions after using Minh Chay pate to go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

Bach Mai Hospital recommends that people who have eaten Minh Chay pate:

– Symptoms of poisoning appear 12-36 hours after the last meal, up to 8 days.

Eating Minh Chay pate for more than 8 days without any unusual symptoms means you are not poisoned.

Eating Minh Chay pate within 8 days has not shown any unusual symptoms, need to calmly monitor.

New Lifestyle Company is headquartered in Hanoi, specializing in online sales, with customers all over the country.

Ho Chi Minh City identified 1,290 people in the area who bought 1,559 jars of Minh Chay pate through online channels, but only 103 jars were recovered, less than 10% of the sold amount.

The total number of products sold by New Lifestyle Company is unknown.

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