‘Naturalized players have not been given conditions to contribute’

'Naturalized players have not been given conditions to contribute' 13
'Naturalized players have not been given conditions to contribute' 13

From there, problems and controversies arise about whether or not naturalized players should be called up to the national team?

Putting the problem in reverse, let’s look at some examples of Vietnamese people naturalizing other nationalities:

Hoang Thanh Trang is the only Vietnamese player, to date, in the top 10 female players with the highest Elo coefficient in the world (ranked 9th in April 2006).

Another prominent name is Elizabeth Phu – a Vietnamese-American female politician.

And there are many other examples of Vietnamese people traveling around the world being treated as citizens of the host country and respected, not just in the field of sports.

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Outside Vietnam’s borders, I would like to give two typical examples:

First of all, there is Viktor Ahn, a Korean figure skater who became a naturalized Russian citizen and brought home 3 gold medals and 1 bronze medal, contributing to helping Russia win at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Or like in the French football team, before 1998, the number of black players playing for the team could only be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Here, I just want to mention how we are dealing with naturalized players.

I oppose developing football or any field if it goes in the direction of naturalization.

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