Mycotoxins can cause cancer

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Mycotoxins can cause cancer 2
Mycotoxins can cause cancer 2

The World Health Organization (WHO) and many research agencies identify molds that grow on many foods such as cereals, dried fruits, nuts and spices as carcinogenic agents.

There are hundreds of different mycotoxins that have been identified, but common mycotoxins of concern for human and livestock health include aflatoxin, ochratoxin A, patulin, fumonisin, zearalenone, nivalenol or deoxynivalenol.

Eating moldy foods can be toxic and cause cancer.

Common types of mycotoxins


Aflatoxin is one of the most toxic mycotoxins, produced by certain types of molds (aspergillus flavus and aspergillus parasiticus) that grow in soil, decaying plants, hay and grains.

Eating large doses of aflatoxin can lead to acute poisoning, causing liver damage and being life-threatening.

Ochratoxin A

This is a common food contaminating mycotoxin, produced by certain species of aspergillus and penicillium.


Patulin is a mycotoxin produced by many molds, especially aspergillus, penicillium and byssochlamys.

Fusarium fungus

Fusarium fungi are common in soil and can produce a range of different toxins such as trichothecenes, zearalenone and fumonisin.

Prevent mycotoxin contamination

To prevent mold, people should be careful in raising, growing, preserving, and using foods, foods, and milk to avoid mold contamination.

Check carefully before using whole grains (especially corn, sorghum, wheat, rice), nuts such as peanuts, pistachios, almonds, walnuts, coconut, Brazil nuts

Avoid damaging seeds or exposing them to insects before and during drying or storage because damaged seeds are more susceptible to mold than intact seeds.

Do not buy and use products that have passed their expiration date.

Store food in a dry, clean place.

If you want to preserve food for a long time, you should use specialized packaging, vacuum sealing, and you can use a moisture-proof bag.

Do not eat rancid or spoiled food that has been left out for a long time.

Use measures to kill fungi in cultivation and production.

Do not feed livestock, especially dairy cows, food contaminated with mold.

Only use milk products that have been pasteurized, have clear origins, and are still within their expiration date.

Keep the house and barn clean, dry, and regularly exposed to sunlight.

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(According to the World Health Organization)

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