Meeting the US president – the biggest victory of the Kim family

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Meeting the US president - the biggest victory of the Kim family 0
Meeting the US president - the biggest victory of the Kim family 0

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (left) and US President Donald Trump.

US and North Korean officials are rushing to prepare for the summit between the leaders of the two countries scheduled to be held on June 12 in Singapore.

However, experts say that as long as US President Donald Trump steps into the conference room, the meeting itself is the biggest victory for North Korea, according to CNN.

`Having a summit with the US president is something that many countries wish for. So for North Korea, a small country that is technically still at war with the US, their leader is sitting across from them.

`Kim Jong-un is taking the final steps that his grandfather could not complete and that will further consolidate his power as the third generation leader of the Kim family,` Lee emphasized.

Earn respect

Just five months ago, North Korea was isolated and subjected to a series of strong sanctions.

But a meeting with a sitting US president would give Pyongyang respect, at least on the surface.

Members of the Kim family have met US presidents, but it was all after they had left office.

Bill Clinton almost had a meeting with Kim Jong-il during his time in office in 2000. However, he ultimately decided to decline the meeting invitation from the North Korean leader because of lack of trust.

`President Clinton tactfully said ‘I won’t go unless I’m prepared and I’m sending a secretary of state to replace me… It makes the North Koreans not very interested,’` Albright said in March in Brussels.

But with the spirit of eagerness towards a diplomatic victory, the Trump administration seems to be pushing for this meeting to the end, said CNN writer Ben Westcott.

Consolidate power

When the summit takes place, on North Korea’s side, they have many potential benefits and most importantly, ensuring the existence of the government, according to Westcott.

North Korea remains technically at war with both South Korea and the United States.

`There is a strong belief in North Korea… that if the US stops its hostility towards them, North Korea will be safe, no one will interfere,` Hoare said.

Not only that, the tough sanctions imposed by the United Nations on North Korea for its nuclear and missile programs have cut off many sources of income for Pyongyang, especially the ability to export raw materials.

If a safety commitment is achieved from the US or successfully convinces Washington to lift sanctions, it will be a resounding victory for Kim Jong-un and from here, the North Korean leader can maintain his power.

According to Lee, although understanding the internal situation in North Korea is extremely difficult, she believes that Kim Jong-un has the ambition to build a truly strong power base to hold the leadership position for decades.

`He was a young man who came to power suddenly after his father’s death, so it’s hard to imagine that he didn’t have any challenges or insecurities,` Lee said.

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