‘Legend of Batman’ – the epitome of crime

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'Legend of Batman' - the epitome of crime 0
'Legend of Batman' - the epitome of crime 0

Poster for the movie `Legend of Batman`.

After the tragic death of his parents, Bruce Wayne no longer believes in justice.

The film portrays Batman, not as a hero with supernatural powers, but as a compassionate person who knows how to take advantage of all modern techniques to protect the weak and destroy evil.

'Legend of Batman' - the epitome of crime

Actor Christian Bale as Batman.

The `father` of Batman is artist Bob Kane.

Batman’s life is a double life.

'Legend of Batman' - the epitome of crime

Actress Katie Holmes (as Rachel Dawes) in the movie.

Although not very successful with the previous 4 films, director Joel Schumacher was still invited to make the film Batman Legends.

Before Chistian Bale was cast as Batman, many stars were considered: Guy Peatce, Ashton Kutcher, John Cusack, David Duchovny and even new face Hugh Dancy.

Legend of Batman also features actors Michael Caine (as Alfred), Liam Neeson (as Ducard), Katie Holmes (as Rachel Dawes)… The film will be shown in Ho Chi Minh City theaters from September 19.

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