Krabi, a rising destination in southern Thailand

Krabi, a rising destination in southern Thailand 4
Krabi, a rising destination in southern Thailand 4

Phuket, the largest island in Thailand, is one of the attractive destinations in the `land of smiles`.

Located on the west coast of the southern peninsula of Thailand, Krabi has sunny beaches, fine sand, clear blue water and loose rocky islands offshore.

Set sail on the Andaman Sea

The boat trip will take you across many limestone formations of small islands shaped like eggs floating in the ocean.

The islands off the coast of Krabi are always associated with smooth sand beaches, clear seas and deep blue skies.

Soak at Nam Tok Ron hot waterfall,

Nam Tok Ron is one of the picturesque hot springs in Krabi.

Swimming in Sa Morakot’s Emerald Lake

The only lowland tropical forest in Thailand is located in the Khao Pra Bang Khram biosphere reserve and is also the most biodiverse area in southern Thailand.

After walking through the forest on specialized paths in the reserve, you can comfortably relax your muscles in the swimming pool with a water temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius. The wide lake bed interspersed with small waterfalls is very suitable.


Around the center of Krabi are special limestone mountains located along the coast like magnets, attracting many climbers from all over the world to try.

Kayaking on the river to Ghost Bay

Another interesting way to explore the north of Krabi is to kayak into caves and sail along rivers in Than Bok National Park.

Krabi, a rising destination in southern Thailand

Tourists row kayaks down the river through the green areas of Than Bok National Park – Photo: greenandamantravel.

Lunch on the island

Coming to Krabi, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the region’s indigenous dishes such as kaeng som (sour fish curry) and nam phrik kung sot (fried shrimp marinated in chilli powder).

After lunch, continue taking a boat back to shore and then hop on a tuk tuk to stroll around the streets, visit shops selling batik paintings or souvenir shops.

Krabi, a rising destination in southern Thailand

Attractive seafood dishes at Baan Ma-Yhing restaurant located in the middle of the local fishing village.

Visit Tum Sua Pagoda

1,250 steps to reach Wat Tum Sua temple, where the golden Buddha statue is located at a height of 278 m on the top of the mountain.

Shop at local markets

There are many indigenous markets held during the day in Krabi and two quite popular night markets with rustic meals in the evening.

Learn cooking

Cuisine is never a boring topic for travelers who love to travel, especially if you are someone who likes to eat Thai food.

Explore the history of the area

History-loving tourists can go to Wat Khlong Thom, which is both a temple and a museum, where many artifacts from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age are displayed.

– From Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, fly directly to Bangkok.

– Additionally, you can also combine visiting Krabi in your Phuket travel itinerary.

– Staying in Krabi, you have many options from motels to hotels or resorts.

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