Kien’s two football teams: Calm after the storm

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Kien's two football teams: Calm after the storm 0
Kien's two football teams: Calm after the storm 0

Mr. Kien’s arrest caused his two football teams to struggle.

Mr. Kien’s two clubs are still peaceful at this time, even though they are surrounded by `buzz` after their boss had an accident.

However, right at the most `critical` stage, Ms. Dang Ngoc Lan, Kien’s wife, replaced her husband to reassure the team.

Said and done, right after that pivotal meeting, Ms. Lan took care of the salaries and full bonuses for the two teams.

For stars like Cong Vinh or Thanh Luong, the recent `accident` was quickly eased after the appearance of the `pregnant woman`.

Mrs. Lan stood up at the right time to speak up to reassure the troops.

Investing funds in the youth tournament is a move by the capital’s football team to affirm that they are looking to the future and have enough strength to maintain and develop the team, despite the arrest of Kien.

In addition, some information that there is a group of giants intending to raise the team also creates a sense of peace of mind.

They are looking forward to when the whole team gathers again at the end of this month to get a direct view and better understand the situation of their team.

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