Jim – an extraordinary dog who knows a series of languages

Jim - an extraordinary dog who knows a series of languages 3
Jim - an extraordinary dog who knows a series of languages 3

Dogs are famous for being intelligent animals. They can quickly learn commands from humans, but perhaps few dogs can do it like Jim – the extraordinary dog in the hearts of the people of Louisiana, USA.

Jim is so famous that he has his own website in his name, with an introduction like a real blogger: `I am a Llewellyn Setter dog who has lived in Marshall, Missouri most of his life. But I have traveled all over the country

Born on a March day in 1925, Jim was like `a duck in a flock of swans` compared to his siblings.

Portrait of Jim.

In the early days, perhaps Sam always had to think of the saying `you get what you pay for`, when all efforts to train Jim failed.

As a hunter conquering from state to state, Sam kept Jim with him on every trip and kept an eye on the number of birds the two `teacher and student` caught.

However, Jim’s talent doesn’t stop at hunting trips – a secret Sam accidentally discovered.

This marks the beginning of a series of amazing things Jim can do on command.

Not only that, Jim knows how to correctly execute spoken commands in any language from French, Spanish, Greek, German and even acronyms or Morse code.

Sam carefully arranged an appointment with A. J. Durant, chief veterinarian at the University of Missouri.

In 1935, Jim performed publicly at the Kemmerer Hotel in Kemmerer, Wyoming.

Jim also showed off his talents at the Missouri State Capitol and the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia.

Over the years, Sam always kept Jim close to him, worried that his pet dog would be kidnapped or harmed by gamblers.

Tragedy occurred on March 18, 1937, when Jim suddenly collapsed while hunting with his owner along the Lake of the Ozarks.

Jim - an extraordinary dog who knows a series of languages

Jim’s tombstone.

The people of Marshall decided to do everything to keep the legend of Jim alive.

Jim The Wonder Dog Memorial Garden

Address: Lafayette Avenue, Marshall, Missouri, USA.

Admission: Free.

After visiting the memorial garden and museum, you can visit Jim’s grave in the Ridgepark cemetery at the end of E. Yerby Street.

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