JICA experts suggest flood prevention solutions for Hanoi

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JICA experts suggest flood prevention solutions for Hanoi 3
JICA experts suggest flood prevention solutions for Hanoi 3

Mr. Tamoto, JICA’s policy advisor on drainage and wastewater treatment, assessed that Hanoi’s wastewater treatment and drainage infrastructure has been focused on improvement, but is not enough under the impact of climate change.

Besides the Yen Xa wastewater treatment plant that is preparing to operate, most of Hanoi’s water treatment and drainage infrastructure is old and uses traditional technologies.

According to Mr. Tamoto, an effective flood protection system is a combination of factors from infrastructure to technology and people and requires a lot of resources over a long period of time.

Mr. Tamoto Norihide.

Talking about the success of the Tokyo drainage system, Mr. Tamoto said that these projects have been formed and developed through many stages, drawn from research and technological development.

For Hanoi, the city’s resources are limited, so it is necessary to prioritize investment projects, through the application of scientific knowledge and data platforms.

In addition, Hanoi needs to have a complete database that accurately reflects the level of flooding in each area and the level of variation, as a basis for planning effective anti-flooding measures.

JICA experts suggest flood prevention solutions for Hanoi

Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan District, was flooded after heavy rain on the afternoon of July 5, causing traffic chaos.

Hanoi can also study some flood prevention measures being applied in Japan such as building underground water storage works;

The idea of building an underground water storage system can also be considered.

`We also take advantage of natural absorption to relieve rainwater in urban areas, such as paving sidewalks with absorbent materials,` Mr. Tamoto said.

From 2002 to April 2018, JICA has implemented 123 projects to improve water supply and drainage systems, strengthen natural disaster prevention capacity, establish environmental management systems, support rural development, and health care.

In Hanoi, since 1995, JICA has participated in projects to improve the water environment;

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