Indian state has nCoV positivity rate of more than 50%

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Indian state has nCoV positivity rate of more than 50% 2
Indian state has nCoV positivity rate of more than 50% 2

Vishwajit P. Rane, health minister of Goa state, southwestern India, said the state today recorded a positivity rate of 51.4%, an all-time high.

He said the state Premier is `seriously considering` imposing a comprehensive blockade.

Migrant workers waited for the train at Vasco station, Vasco da Gama town, southern Goa state, earlier this week.

The second wave of Covid-19 is hitting many major cities and India’s most populous states.

A popular beach tourist destination, Goa is home to 1.5 million people, according to the most recent statistics in 2011. The number of Covid-19 cases in Goa increased from early April and began to increase exponentially.

The state government has asked schools, bars, gyms, movie theaters, and public spaces to close.

`The state’s health system is overwhelmed,` Rane said.

The state is also purchasing genetic sequencing equipment to determine the virus strains circulating in the community and their ability to spread.

Experts say the second wave of Covid-19 broke out in India and the number of infections increased in Goa because the government neglected epidemic prevention rules throughout the winter.

Earlier this year, many states relaxed epidemic prevention measures and opened interstate travel.

`There were no restrictions enforced from December to February, which is something we should have looked at,` Rane said.

Anti-epidemic regulations are lax, the number of infections decreases in winter along with the Diwali festival, one of India’s largest annual festivals, causing tourists to flock to Goa, most of whom do not comply with relaxation regulations.

The number of people traveling to Goa, especially during the festive season, has created `super-spreader events`, Rane said.

Federal and state officials are rushing to build new Covid-19 treatment facilities, including a center with a 20,000-liter oxygen tank, mobilizing medical school students and converting a university lecture hall in Bambolim town.

Aid from international and other states began to flow to Goa.

Dozens of countries began sending medical supplies to India from the end of April, but the government has not announced clear information about where these goods will be coordinated, while foreign media and donors began to

However, Indian officials denied delays in distribution, affirming that the government `continues to effectively allocate anti-Covid-19 supplies received from the international community to the states,` according to a statement from the Ministry.

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