India increased 50,000 troops to guard China

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India increased 50,000 troops to guard China 3
India increased 50,000 troops to guard China 3

This force is deployed to three areas along the border with China, marking a historic troop movement and showing the country’s combat readiness, four unnamed officials familiar with the matter detailed.

The total number of Indian troops in the border area with China is currently about 200,000 people, an increase of 40% compared to last year, two officials added.

The Indian Ministry of Defense and the spokesman for the Indian Prime Minister’s Office have not commented on this information.

Indian border guards at a checkpoint near the border with China.

India previously considered Pakistan a strategic rival, when the two countries had experienced three wars related to the disputed region of Kashmir.

India’s military presence near the Chinese border was previously only defensive to prevent Beijing’s intrusions.

One of the measures applied is to make the most of helicopter forces to transport soldiers and heavy weapons such as M777 artillery between combat locations, maximizing mobility on the battlefield.

Ladakh received the largest increase in troops with about 20,000 additional soldiers, most of them mobilized from counter-terrorism operations and defense zones near Pakistan.

New Delhi has also increased its offensive capabilities along Tibet, as soldiers armed with machine guns are starting joint patrols with lightly armed militias.

The Indian Navy also took action by dispatching a series of warships to key sea routes for long periods of time, while studying energy and trade flows to and from China, Indian naval officials hid.

India increased 50,000 troops to guard China

Location of clashes between Indian and Chinese soldiers in 2020. Graphic: Telegraph.

Clashes between Indian and Chinese soldiers escalated in May 2020, culminating in a deadly brawl in mid-June 2020, killing 20 Indian soldiers and 4 Chinese soldiers.

India and China began withdrawing their troops in April, but the two countries are suspicious of each other and still maintain about 100,000 soldiers along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), an undemarcated border.

The situation showed signs of tension again after China announced that India trained about 10,000 people of Tibetan origin to pretend to be herders and infiltrate the country’s border.

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