Huong Bong: ‘I am a family person’

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Huong Bong: 'I am a family person' 0
Huong Bong: 'I am a family person' 0

Artist Lan Huong.

People say that people in the same industry often have difficulty keeping a happy family, what about your opinion?

– Mr. Ky and I have known each other since we were in the first acting class of the Vietnam Drama Theater. We loved each other for 10 years before getting married.

– But in return, you also have to sacrifice your own things.

– I just think simply, if you want others to care about you, you must first know how to worry and take care of others.

– Was there ever a time when you thought about quitting acting?

– Previously, when I opened the tailor shop, I planned to quit acting at the Theater so that he could do the job alone.

– What will the ambitious woman in the play `Hedda Gabler` that you are about to portray be like?

– Everyone has ambitions.

– In addition to focusing on your expertise, as a member of the Theater’s Artistic Council, what do you think when the Theater’s plays still rarely reach the public?

– Sometimes when I hear someone say reproachfully that famous artists cannot sell any tickets for the Theater, I feel sorry.

(According to Sports and Culture)

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