How rich Americans prepare for Covid-19

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How rich Americans prepare for Covid-19 3
How rich Americans prepare for Covid-19 3

Like all other Americans, the rich in this country are preparing for the possibility of Covid-19 breaking out here.

Even so, the billionaire still made two important calls.

`What I hear from people smarter than me is, ‘For now, this is just a bad flu,’` he said.

Home Depot CEO Ken Langone.

Some billionaires, bankers and other rich people in the US appeared quite calm.

`They just need to sit back and mobilize full services,` Jordan Shlain – leader of high-end medical service provider Private Medical said on Bloomberg.

Tim Kruse – a doctor in Aspen, Colorado said: `Rich people don’t necessarily use the same things as regular people.`

The number of nCoV infections globally has reached nearly 90,000 people.

The co-founder of a large investment fund said on Bloomberg that he would do the opposite of the majority.

Charles Stevenson – a veteran investor currently living in Southampton said: `I’m not very worried because right now, it’s not near me. If people here get sick, I will leave immediately.`

Wealthy couples who are not used to spending a lot of time together will also run into trouble.

Trump once predicted that the virus would disappear `like a miracle`.

Jewel Mullen – a leader at the University of Texas said that even without an epidemic, millions of Americans did not have enough money to stock up on goods, reserve for lost wages due to having to miss work or have a doctor.

JPMorgan Chase – America’s largest bank – has restricted employees from traveling on business.

`I have a nightmare, that somehow we all got infected in Davos, then left and spread it everywhere,` he said during the JP Morgan shareholders meeting, `The only good news is

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