How for businesses to adapt well to Covid-19

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How for businesses to adapt well to Covid-19 8
How for businesses to adapt well to Covid-19 8

At the recent `Breakthrough Leadership` forum organized by Hawee, many experts agreed to point out the common factors that any unit must have to adapt to the present.

`Aglie is a natural thing that must be done and done quickly at the present time,` affirmed Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Van, President of Unilever.

`But with the new picture, we must see it as an opportunity. The two things needed are progressive thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. Even employees need those two factors to change,` Ms. Van said.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Tien, CEO of Seedcom also promoted the spirit of continuous learning to improve improvisation capacity in the current context.

According to him, the way to learn quickly is for leaders to sit together to share information and understanding.

The culture of flexible improvisation is also reflected in the company’s leaders and operating processes.

Third, she likes to study and has an open mind, so she enjoys studying with officials and employees.

Or from a process perspective, in recent years Minh Long I has flexibly adapted to the rapidly changing needs of the market.

The pandemic is not over and businesses need to build improvisation capacity to survive.

Talentnet’s just-released survey of 103 businesses that are members of the Ho Chi Minh City Women’s Business Association (Hawee) shows that last year, 54% of businesses maintained and grew revenue.

`Businesses are very flexible and creative when launching new, cheap, economical products and entering niche markets,` commented Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh, General Director of Talentnet.

Also according to the survey, a business with good adaptability is demonstrated through 3 points: committed leadership, team leadership and good organizational leadership.

Good team leadership is demonstrated in aspects such as enhancing initiative and responsibility for each individual, trusting and empowering the team, and all levels to collaborate to create value.

However, the survey also shows that businesses still have limitations such as good response but lack of long-term investment for sustainable development;

`The difficult situation for businesses is to survive and develop with their current business, have new development projects, and adjust internal operations, so there must be a priority arrangement during the process.`

To develop better in the post-Covid-19 period, businesses interviewed said they wanted to focus on promoting 8 points: goal orientation;

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