How countries quarantine F1 to fight Covid-19

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How countries quarantine F1 to fight Covid-19 2
How countries quarantine F1 to fight Covid-19 2

In order to control the Covid-19 epidemic and cut the chain of transmission of nCoV, many countries and territories around the world apply many methods to trace, manage and isolate cases of contact with people who have tested positive.

Similar to the policy in Vietnam, health authorities in mainland China and the Hong Kong special region both implement centralized quarantine for people who have had close contact with positive Covid-19 cases.

The field centralized quarantine center for F1 in Hebei province, China was built quickly in January. Photo: Xinhua.

Most provinces and cities in China apply the `14 + 7` quarantine policy, including 14 days of centralized quarantine and 7 days of health monitoring at home.

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong special zone government quarantined F1 for 14 days from the time of contact with a positive case of nCoV.

For cases where F1 comes into contact with a new variant infection and is at high risk of infection, the quarantine period is 21 days.

Meanwhile, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan apply home quarantine for F1.

Japan and Taiwan also recommend that people who have been in close contact with nCoV positive cases quarantine at home.

In particular, Singapore flexibly applies both centralized quarantine and home quarantine measures for F1.

In addition, the Singapore Ministry of Health also expanded quarantine measures for the second round of contacts (F2) who are members of the same family in cases of close contact.

How countries quarantine F1 to fight Covid-19

Covid-19 vaccination site in Los Angeles, California, USA on February 10.

Most Western countries recommend or require home quarantine for F1, typically the UK and US.

Recommendations from the CDC for state governments note that the quarantine period can be adjusted to 10 days or 7 days if the F1 tests negative for nCoV, but it is still necessary to continue to monitor symptoms for the full 14 days as usual.

The British Ministry of Health stipulates a 10-day home quarantine period.

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