Health Minister: ‘Open all doors to have Covid-19 vaccine’

Health Minister: 'Open all doors to have Covid-19 vaccine' 4
Health Minister: 'Open all doors to have Covid-19 vaccine' 4

At an online anti-epidemic meeting on the morning of May 29, Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long said the above.

The Ministry of Health is mobilizing all resources, continuously working with the embassies of India, the US, China, Japan… international organizations and the European Union to soon access resources,

Vietnam’s current vaccine sources include 38.9 million doses supplied from Covax;

In addition, the Ministry is ordering an additional 10 million doses from Covax and 20 million doses from Pfizer, but the delivery time is unclear.

In the first two expanded vaccination rounds, more than one million Vietnamese people received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

In addition, the Government always prioritizes domestic production to be self-sufficient in Covid-19 vaccines.

The Covid-19 vaccine does not provide lifelong immune protection, only lasting 6 months to a year.

`The government creates all conditions and opens all doors to soon have vaccines for the entire population,` Mr. Long said.

The Ministry of Health has currently approved two types of Covid-19 vaccines for use.

The head of the Ministry of Health also expressed concern that the world is `thirsty` for the Covid-19 vaccine, making negotiations difficult.

First, some countries have invested billions of dollars in domestic companies to research and produce vaccines.

The second group are countries participating in production trials such as India and Brazil.

The third group is countries that invest early, right when the vaccine is in the clinical trial stage.

The fourth group is the remaining countries, mainly relying on Covax supplies.

`Some high-income countries have ordered more than their actual needs. This makes already scarce vaccines even more scarce,` Mr. Long shared.

Health Minister: 'Open all doors to have Covid-19 vaccine'

AstraZeneca vaccine is packaged in each vial of 5ml, including 10 doses.

In addition to the above reasons leading to difficulty in accessing vaccines, the Minister also pointed out another reason.

Sharing more with localities, Mr. Long said that the Ministry has distributed new batches of AstraZeneca vaccine to localities.

`I hope the localities will sympathize because the situation is very urgent,` the Minister said.

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