He commented that Russia ‘achieved partial success’ in Donbass

He commented that Russia 'achieved partial success' in Donbass 3
He commented that Russia 'achieved partial success' in Donbass 3

`Russia achieved greater local success in its military campaign than before by concentrating its forces and attacking relatively small areas,` the British Ministry of Defense said in a report on May 31, but said that

The British Ministry of Defense stated that control of Lyman supported the main effort of Russia’s special military campaign, including the siege of Severodonetsk city and Ukrainian forces in other areas of Lugansk province.

`Large-scale shelling continues, street fighting is likely to break out on the outskirts of Severodonetsk. Roads into the city are likely to remain under the control of Ukrainian forces,` the Ministry of National Defense said.

Members of the armed units of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic stand in front of tanks near Severodonetsk, eastern Ukraine on April 5.

This agency assessed that the direction of Russian forces’ attack from north of Severodonetsk was `most likely to be successful`, the pace of advance was slow but steady.

Russian forces also need to achieve more challenging targets outside the city of Severodonetsk, including the city of Kramatorsk in northern Donetsk province and the M04 highway from Donetsk-Dnipro, to control the entire Donbass region.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said on the same day that Russian forces were `focusing on controlling the city of Severodonetsk`.

The agency said Russia was gathering forces around Lyman, about 60 kilometers west of Severodonetsk, to prepare for an advance.

Russia has not commented on the UK and Ukraine information.

On May 29, Ukraine announced a counterattack in the southern province of Kherson, which Russia controls, claiming to cause losses and `force the enemy to defend in unfavorable positions`.

He commented that Russia 'achieved partial success' in Donbass

The main direction of advance of Russian and Ukrainian forces in the Donbass region after more than 90 days of fighting.

Russia launched a special military campaign on February 24 to `demilitarize and de-fascize Ukraine`.

While intense fighting took place in the Donbass region, peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine remained stalled and the two sides blamed each other.

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