HAGL narrowly won Nam Dinh

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HAGL narrowly won Nam Dinh 2
HAGL narrowly won Nam Dinh 2

*Goal: Walsh 60′.

After two consecutive defeats, HAGL showed determination to win three points.

HAGL 1-0 Nam Dinh

HAGL’s high-speed coordination is still a weapon capable of confusing unorganized defenses like Nam Dinh.

At the end of the first half, from Buu Ngoc’s kick, the away team’s goalkeeper Xuan Viet missed and let the ball fall to Walsh’s feet.

HAGL narrowly won Nam Dinh

Van Thanh made his mark in HAGL’s opening goal.

The match only really got more interesting in the first half of the second half, when Nam Dinh suddenly raised the team and put pressure on the opponent.

HAGL responded with a finish from a tight angle by Van Toan and then a series of speedy attack combinations.

HAGL narrowly won Nam Dinh

HAGL’s speedy combinations made it difficult for Nam Dinh’s defense.

The momentum increased after the opening goal, HAGL continued to create ten opportunities to double the gap.

After missing the opportunity to score more goals, HAGL proactively reduced the pace of the match.

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