‘Gone Girl’ – marriage is the grave of love?

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‘Gone Girl’ - marriage is the grave of love? 3
‘Gone Girl’ - marriage is the grave of love? 3

In 2012, the psychological thriller novel Gone Girl by female writer Gillian Flynn was released and quickly created a fever and was included in the `Best Seller` list by the New York Times.

Movie trailer `Gone Girl`

The Financial Times even commented a short sentence about the book: `Read it and stay single`.

Poster for the movie `Gone Girl`.

The film adaptation is faithful to the plot of the original literary work.

Following the police investigation, viewers discover the romantic love story of Amy and Nick when they first met, fell in love, got married and went through psychological crises like many other young couples.

Director David Fincher is famous for works that are both entertaining but of high artistic quality such as Se7en, Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Social Network or more recently The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

‘Gone Girl’ - marriage is the grave of love?

The most impressive image of Rosamund Pike as the missing wife Amy of `Gone Girl`.

The movie version is more condensed in terms of character lines and uses many expensive visual details to express writer Gillian Flynn’s ideas.

However, instead of initially declaring that the film would have a completely different ending from the novel;

Rosamund Pike truly had a `lifetime` role and deserved to win an Oscar nomination next year for `Best Actress`.

Meanwhile, the role of Nick, which was `tailored` for Ben Affleck, has a somewhat lighter personality than Nick in the novel.

The supporting cast of Gone Girl also contributed significantly to creating a complete and attractive atmosphere and narrative arc for the film version.

‘Gone Girl’ - marriage is the grave of love?

Ben Affleck was `tailor-made` for the role of mysterious husband Nick Dunne in `Gone Girl`.

In cinematic language mixed with an atmosphere of romance, tension, mystery and a haunting ending;

Nick and Amy are like many other men and women in the world.

From a problem that seems very familiar and has nothing new in modern marriages, female writer Gillian Flynn has created a scary story that touches on the reality of married couples.

Gone Girl opens in Vietnam from October 24.

* Images from the movie `Gone Girl`

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