FPT and Vinamilk stocks simultaneously broke out

FPT and Vinamilk stocks simultaneously broke out 2
FPT and Vinamilk stocks simultaneously broke out 2

At the end of the trading session on October 14, VNM increased by 4,000 VND to 106,000 VND, with liquidity reaching over 2 million units.

Previously, the market received information that the State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) would divest all capital in 10 leading enterprises including Vinamilk, FPT, Bao Minh Insurance, Tien Phong Plastic, Binh Minh Plastic…

Shares divested by SCIC simultaneously increased sharply.

Companies where the Government decided not to divest capital such as: Bao Viet Group, Traphaco, Hau Giang Pharmaceutical… are also significantly affected.

In general, today’s market has strong differentiation.

Stock codes in the textile, garment and seafood industries that benefited from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) reversed and decreased: TCM and TNG decreased by 300 VND, HVG decreased by 200 VND, TTF decreased by 200 VND.

Ho Chi Minh City Securities Company (HSC) believes that the Government’s divestment of all state capital in 10 large companies is a breakthrough that helps foreign investors have more access to big blue chips like VNM.

This unit’s report assesses that the motive behind this decision is related to the current budget situation, in which the Government plans to use money from asset sales to invest in infrastructure development.

Meanwhile, Viet Capital Securities Company (VCSC) believes that the new move of the State could pave the way for more participation of foreign investors in these companies if allowed and decided to

VCSC also believes that this development could create a scenario where FPT increases its ownership in FPT Telecom from the current 45.64%.

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