Fire – the biggest threat to military submarines

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Fire - the biggest threat to military submarines 0
Fire - the biggest threat to military submarines 0

Fire – the biggest threat to military submarines

Firefighting drills on a US nuclear submarine.

`The main cause of the incident has been determined, the fire originated in the battery compartment and spread around,` Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced during a meeting with President Vladimir Putin on July 4.

Military expert Tyler Rogoway said that fires on warships are inherently dangerous, but submarine fires are a threat on a completely different level.

`When a house catches fire, heat and smoke can spread out. With a fire on a submarine, toxic gases and heat have no place to escape, and the crew cannot easily leave the ship. Heat and smoke will

There are many causes of fires, but cigarette butts seem to be the biggest culprit because this is the only source of fire allowed on submarines.

Fire - the biggest threat to military submarines

American sailors practice firefighting on the submarine USS South Dakota.

`Conventional submarines are divided into several floors, helping to disperse smoke and heat. The larger the interior space, the more air there is to absorb the heat source, allowing the crew more time to handle and proceed.

The Russian Ministry of Defense did not reveal the name or model of the ship that caught fire, while the country’s RBC news website cited an anonymous source saying the incident occurred on a top-secret nuclear reconnaissance submarine complex including the AS-submarine.

Losharik adopts a two-body design, in which the pressure body consists of 7 interconnected spherical chambers.

Fire - the biggest threat to military submarines

Structure of Russia’s secret nuclear spy submarine model.

Western experts say that Losharik’s design makes it very durable, but also leaves the crew vulnerable to direct heat and smoke in the event of a fire.

`This incident once again shows that fire is the biggest danger to all submarines. The action of self-locking the burning compartment door to fight the fire and accepting sacrifice to save the ship by Russian officers, as well as

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